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Wagyu Having for Lunch?


By now, most of you have heard about the premium beef that’s taken over every culinary platform – the Wagyu. Wagyu is not your average beef in that it has a higher percentage of intramuscular fat that appears as the white layer referred to as “marbling” which is prized as it is accepted that the higher the marbling, the more tender, juicy and flavoursome the meat is.  The cattle originates from Japan and only four general breeds can be classified under Wagyu.

One of the Teppanyaki Chefs focusing on his craft

Awagyu Restaurant is nestled along Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir, right opposite New York Hotel. They have been in operation since 2019 and have established themselves as the go-to place for 100% authentic Wagyu beef imported for Japan. The company claims that the cattle is directly imported from Japan to Johor Bahru without going through other ports as the owner has obtained the license to import Wagyu beef from Tokushima and Kumamoto which ensures freshness and timely delivery. The beef is also 100% Halal sourced so Muslim patrons can dine in ease.

Tantalising aroma of fish and meat sizzling away

As you walk into the premises you are greeted with a butchering station that shows you how the staff handles the A5 Grade beef right in front of your eyes, inviting your taste buds to imagine what that would taste like.

In an effort to cater to the masses in these unforgiving times, Awagyu has veered away from their exclusively premium sets and have introduced their new Teppanyaki Set Lunch going for RM68+ which is lighter on the wallet than their regular mainstays but definitely not light in the experience as dine-in guests can watch their chef prepare some dishes in front of them at the Teppanyaki bar.

Stewed Wagyu Beef with bean sprouts, green peppers and mushrooms

The set lunch includes appetizers such as Seafood Chawanmushi cooked to perfection, grilled Snow-fish, Fried fresh oyster topped with pickled cucumbers, a side of fresh salad and of course some stewed Wagyu beef with mushrooms and green peppers. The set lunch also comes with fragrant Japanese Pearl Rice, Miso soup and fruits of the day all of which will easily satisfy the hungriest of patrons!

Fried fresh oyster topped with pickled cucumbers

Awagyu is led by Eric Chai, the energetic and humble Head Chef who has accumulated 17 years of experience in Japanese cuisine throughout Malaysia, Singapore, England and Japan. He has also passed on his knowledge to the other chefs working with him and strives to ensure his guests are happy with their meals.For reservations, there are 3 ways to get in touch:


Phone: 011-5776 4363


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