The Heaven Within – Part 2


By Rose Osman

Be simple in everything

The feeling of joy and simplicity is inter-related. Whenever we’re busy indulging in overthinking and self-judgement, our life will be perceived as complicated and overwhelming. On the other hand, simplicity gives us space to enjoy little things in our life. Joy happens in little things such as seeing speck of dusts floating in the air, and even our breathing for an example, is a movement of expansion and contraction of life in simplicity. How many of us enjoy breathing? Despite the simplicity of our being-ness, it is quite challenging to be simple these days. We are bombarded by the complexity of modern society and often try to live simple materially, but we forget that simplicity can begin from within.

You can start to be simple in many ways. For example, be simple in communication. Speak what is necessary and leave everything else in silence. The space of silence trains us to listen to inner joy. Another simplicity that you can try is simplifying eating habits. Eat only when you are hungry and nourish your body with food that have a balanced diet. When we can live simply within our body, we can stimulate inner joy, emit a sense of ecstasy and indirectly see joy around us.

It’s perfectly fine to say No

The joy of life happens when we commit to others or things that are aligned with us. Discernment is the key. Most of the time we are occupied to share our energy, time and space for others without discernment. We are taught to give more than receive, whereas, the inner joy is about giving and receiving equally. There is nothing wrong to give more, however, when things begin to pull you away from your inner joy, it’s time to say no. Practise to say no from time to time can be liberating. Give priority to yourself. Start from within because the most powerful joy you can experience is in you.

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