Tasek Central

Say “Hello” to your New Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema at Tasek Central!


TGV is set to bring cinema goers a new experience with their new seats

TGV is delighted to announce the opening of the latest addition to its national network of multiplex cinemas in Johor. Opening in Tasek Central, the first shopping mall located in Skudai, this TGV is set to raise the bar of out-of-home entertainment within the area.

The newest TGV cinema comes with 7 halls offering a range of cinema-going concepts and experiences that are sure to please guests of all ages and tastes.

Hand sanitizers ready at the ticket kiosks

Among these 7 halls comes the fresh new Plushy hall for that plushy feel. Making its debut by introducing seats that allow you to quite literally, sink in! This new extension to TGV’s specialty halls comes equipped with 3 extremely cushy seat selections.

The plushy hall concept is all about providing the best possible comfort for cinemagoers. Coupled with expansive legroom, guests are assured to have pleasantly cosy cinematic moments in this hall with your personal near-limitless space.

Plushy seats that will allow you to sink in and relax

The cinema halls are also equipped with Glide seats that allow guests to slide out in comfort and deluxe seats which are a triumph of form and function offering affordable luxury to cinemagoers. The friendly cinema would be incomplete without TGV’s reputable family friendly hall and playroom.

TGV cinemas continue to not only provide new experiences and offers but also keeping guests’ safety as their priority. Guests and staffs can be rest assured knowing they’re in a safe environment. It is without a doubt TGV is following the government guidelines, practicing social distancing and its staffs are wearing masks at all times maintaining their personal hygiene.

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