See, Think, Travel: After-School Virtual Field Trips for the Homebound Little Big Explorer


Taking part in fun and enriching global virtual programmes can be a great after-school activity. It will give them  access to the  rest of the outside world as we continue to countdown to the days when  travel can officially resume

These virtual programmes from Singapore will have kids gazing at world-class art, learning about nature and plants, and even discovering wildlife from the deepest parts of the sea. No matter their interests, be it history, art or science, you’ll be able to take a “trip” to match. Check out what educational adventures you can go on within Singapore for your little, big explorer between 1 to 10 years of age.


Get crafty and explore the wonders of nature

Try a hand at these crafts and learn about the different plant species at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. Introducing  their  #StayHomewithGB  initiative,  they  offer   craft  activities  and e-books  for children of  all ages to  learn about the  different species  of plants.  If  your  child has any questions  about nature  and plants, a “Plant Doctor” or a team of horticulturalists will have an answer ready for them.




Experience the fun of storytelling through arts and crafts and live performances

Nothing can beat the imagination of a young child, so what better way to get their mind gears turning than with great storytelling!  The masters  of  storytelling,  Disney,  have arrived  at Gardens  By The Bay with several  gardening-themed  Disney-inspired   crafts  for you  and your  child to try out.  Kids of all ages can make amazing crafts like a DIY Mulan Comb to Lilo & Stitch’s Paper Leis while reading or watching their favourite Disney movies, and it would be a great chance to squeeze in some family bonding time too.



There are many advantages in learning the art of storytelling through performing arts. It can help a child’s socio-emotional  development and enhance their  interpersonal  skills,  such as understanding  different situations,  human motivation,  feelings  and empathy by being  in “someone else’s shoes”, understanding the other  characters and their roles. To get your children exposed to performance arts, Gateway  Ar ts  Kids Club , a weekly  kids art club in Singapore that offers programmes that involve  storytelling, arts and craft, and free  play activities, has now moved online. Children, from the age of three (3) to seven (7) can access the  online  storytelling  series  by Gateway Arts Kids Club and watch live stage performances and stories about friendship and courage through music, song, and dance online.

Website:  https://ar

Instagram: ts_sg/

Cultivate the love for visual art and architecture

Visual  arts is  known to benefit  kids at a young  age as it can widen  and stimulate spatial reasoning and spatial  awareness.  To expose your  kids  to the  benefits  of visual arts and cultivate their love  of art and architecture,  head on over  to the National Gallery Singapore website and check out  Galler y  Kids!, which consists  of free  home-based  art activities  and resources.  Activities  like interactive  games,  art-inspired storytelling video sessions and art tutorials can be viewed online or downloaded for children of ages three  (3) to ten (10) to get creative while getting  inspired by various artworks from the Gallery’s collection and special  exhibitions.  With an array of  activities  ranging from  sketching  portraits  using  simple  lines  to designing buildings using architectural features found in the Gallery, these hands-on experiences continue to engage and cultivate children’s interest in art while they are stuck at home.

Website:  https://www.nationalgaller

Instagram: ysingapore/

Take a virtual trip to learn all about Singapore’s rich heritage and culture

As an initiative to ensure that Singapore’s history and culture can still be accessible from our homes, the National Museum  of  Singapore  is  currently offering   #MuseumFromHome:   Get   Curious!.  Families  with children from pre-school to primary, ages one  (1) to ten (10), can learn all about Singapore’s rich heritage by engaging with online learning resources programmes like music, movement and craft activities.

Have  a taste of  Singapore’s  history  with  the   video   recipe   series   of edible  treats inspired  by  selected artefacts  from  the  museum,  for example,  whip up a Cookies  and Cream  Puff  that was inspired by the Singapore Stone.  You could also immerse yourselves in a 360-degree vir tual museum  tour  of the Old New World Exhibition and explore the founding  of Singapore in 1819 through the lens of the Virtual Reality (VR) mode.  Use this opportunity to learn more  about Singapore from the comfort of our homes, so when  the borders open, we will all be ready to travel to Singapore and see the bits of history etched to the Garden City!




Virtual deep-sea exploration with marine animals

Take your child on an underwater adventure with the S.E.A. Aquarium at the Resorts World Sentosa! Try your  hand at these brain teasers  and DIY projects  at  S.E.A.  Aquarium  Fun  Academy  for children  from pre-school to primary within the ages of eight (8) and below, all available to be downloaded online. Kids can   learn  all  about  marine  animals   and  ocean  conservation   through   S.E.A.   Aquarium-themed connect-the-dots, crossword puzzles and word searches, all featuring various educational fun facts about marine life. You can even  download the activity sheet and let your kids make their own homemade crafts of the animals at the S.E.A. Aquarium!

Website:  https://www.r

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