Saving our children, cyberbullying

Saving our Children – Part 1


We are living in an uncertain world, and the concern is not just our future but the future of our children as well. Are they safe in the house and out there?

Do you know that there are millions of children around the world that are trafficked for sex and labour? There are other lists of crimes against children ranging from child marriage, bullying, kidnapping, rape, murder and many more too. Therefore, what can we do to protect our children?

It is time to educate and nurture our children to face the uncertain world. For parents, you know that you cannot guard them round the clock and the only way our children can protect themselves is through their own inner intelligence and survival skills. We can nurture that in our children too.

Begin with their Inner Authority

Every child has their own highest intelligence called the Inner Authority. According to the Human Design System, there are 7 types of inner authority and each child has one that they can count on. This inner authority is not intelligence outside of the children, but their own innate intelligence that arises from a specific function in their bodies. It can be their emotional intelligence, gut feeling, intuition and immune system, heart and willpower, or their own voice that they speak spontaneously. The minority of the children are more attuned to nature as part of their intelligence, and parents can explore this through the Human Design System.

Children’s body communicates all the time

Educate our children to trust their body and we should too. How much do we know about non-verbal communication and body language of our children? When the children’s physical body senses threat or faces something untruth to the body, the body communicates. We just need to understand the language they are broadcasting to us in silence.

Body intelligence such as these when nurtured at an early age, can guide our children to count on themselves to protect their lives even when their parents are not around.

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