Pulai Springs Resort

Pulai Springs Resort Invites You to ‘Meh Makan’


By Norfy Shafeq

Find your favourite Johorean food under one roof at Cinta Terrace this November

Step into Cinta Terrace Restaurant in Pulai Springs Resort and be stunned at the amazing spread of all the popular food from all over Johor. Name any authentic and well-known Johor, Cinta Terrace has it.
Pick up some Mee Rebus or Laksa Johor as per our recommendation

Right smack in the middle is the fascinating Gulai Kari Kambing 3 Hari. At the whiff of the rich curry gravy, with tender and moist mutton, you can feel it’s calling for you to take the fragrant white rice and savour the dish. So be wary at the seduction! Take a little detour and find classic Nasi Ambeng that you can customise on how much of Mee Goreng, Sambal Goreng Jawa, Serunding Kelapa, salted fish and salted egg you wish to add on or indulge in some delicious Chinese Chicken Rice and Duck Rice.

Johorean food wouldn’t be complete without a serving of noodles such as Mee Bandung, Laksa Johor or Mee Rebus which are all ready, piping hot from the big silver pot at the live cooking stalls. Pick your favourite noodle that goes with your mood that day. Feeling more on the fish side? Let’s get some fresh cut of seabass fish and dunk it into Asam Pedas Johor paired with hot steaming rice.

Gulai Kari Kambing 3 Hari – be completely marveled at this treat right smack in the middle of Cinta Terrace

Remember to pick up banana fritters with sambal kicap, the Johorean way of enjoying this crispy and starchy fritters! Quench your thirst with Bandung Selasih, hot coffee tarik and teh tarik then complete your Johor experience with Pengat Pisang and Nagasari which is highly recommended.

What’s amazing is all of these are reasonably available at RM38nett per adult and RM19nett per child from 4 to 12 years old. Every 5 paying adults would get 1 guest to dine for free! So head over for either lunch from 12 noon to 2.30pm or dinner from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, from Friday to Sundays this November.

Make your reservation at +607 521 2121 or text them at WhatsApp +6 016 733 2918.

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