‘Not Quite the End (Revised Edition)’


Not many people truly know what it is to be a long term kidney disease patient – the uncertainty, the sense of being lost and alone and being at a loss as to how to cope with this illness. Having personally gone through this episode in her life, Ummu Ahmadain felt the need to share it to enlighten others about kidney disease, how to deal with it, and how caregivers can help them. It is, for this reason, she has written: “Not Quite the End (Revised Edition)” (published by Partridge Singapore).

In a poignant retelling of her life story, Ahmadain chronicles her experiences starting with her initial diagnosis of renal disease through the associated obstacles as she struggled to stay on top of her deteriorating condition. While revealing how she witnessed the power of unconditional love and the sacrifices of a doting sister who selflessly gave up a kidney so Ahmadain could have a second chance at life, she testifies to the strength of the human spirit when tested to the edge of its limits, physically and emotionally, and of patience and acceptance as she learned to trust God’s mercy and love during her trials and tribulations.

“The number of kidney patients are constantly on the rise. Yet, not many know what to expect when the kidneys begin to fail and all the effects that come with it. Not many know the tell-tale signs, the options that they have, and how family support and love is crucial to their wellbeing. Kidney disease can affect all regardless of age or gender,” Ahmadain says. “This book will resonate with any long term patients and also their caregivers. It also provides an insight into what end-stage kidney disease is, which will give a better understanding of kidney disease to those who read this book.”

When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, Ahmadain answers, “For kidney patients to realize that it is not the end, until it is. That even when things get too overwhelming, there is always hope for as long as we have full faith in God’s help. My message is not to give up. We owe it to our loved ones.”

“Not Quite the End (Revised Edition)”

By Ummu Ahmadain

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 220 pages | ISBN 9781543765113

Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 220 pages | ISBN 9781543765106

E-Book | 220 pages | ISBN 9781543765120

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About the Author

Ummu Ahmadain is a retired teacher who has taught in secondary schools for more than 27 years. She graduated from Salford University in the U.K. with a degree in Biology. Now that her two sons are married, she spends her time pursuing her lifelong passion which is writing. She currently resides in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia with her husband and her younger son and his wife. She has two grandchildren.


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