Singaporean hip-hop artist YUNG RAJA cemented himself as a global artist as he unveiled his latest single and music video – The Dance Song – at a show-stopping press conference held at Marina Bay Sands’ state-of-the-art Hybrid Broadcast Studio.

Announced as the first Singaporean to be promoted globally by parent record label Universal Music Group (UMG), the Def Jam South East Asia artist entertained audiences with a fully immersive presentation that incorporated augmented reality (AR) effects and holographic capabilities across a 360-degree LED panelled studio space. The presentation opened with a crisp holographic projection of YUNG RAJA, who welcomed the audience, before the rapper appeared in the flesh on stage. The Hybrid Broadcast Studio’s technological capabilities complemented the programme and enabled audiences from Malaysia, India and the United States to interact with the artist in real-time.

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Jannine Weigel’s debut single ‘Passcode’ has only been out for two weeks and its video has already hit a landmark one million views on YouTube.

The euphoric dance-pop anthem is connecting on a huge scale, also racking up an eye-popping number of streams since release. The single is accompanied by a dazzling video directed by Philip Rom Kulleh. Some of Malaysia and Thailand’s biggest TikTok influencers feature amongst the cast of the video, shot and produced in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

‘Passcode’ marks a watershed moment for Asian pop music and Weigel is set to be A-Pop’s first megastar. As well as the success on YouTube, streaming numbers are also edging towards the million mark and ‘Passcode’ has featured on influential playlists across all of the majors-leading streaming partners in the region. A raft of notable TikTok users including Darren Espanto and Bertrand Tio have created videos using the song’s exhilarating sound and the #passcodechallenge hashtag has garnered 2.4 million views since release.

International success beckons for Weigel, who is a fresh breed of pop star. The 20-year-old is already huge in Thailand, where her infectious personality has converted into jaw-dropping social media numbers. She has 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube, 3.2 million followers on Facebook, 1.7 million on Instagram and more than 570,000 on TikTok. Born in Steinfurt, Germany, Weigel moved to Thailand when she was 10. She made her first musical waves when, as a teenager, she uploaded cover versions of her favourite songs to her YouTube channel. Weigel became the first Thai singer to receive YouTube’s highly-coveted Gold Button.

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