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How COVID-19 Transformed Our Intelligence – Part 2


Do you realise that COVID-19 has changed our economic playground? Most businesses that operate based on the old systems have begun to suffer from the lockdowns. Organisations that run through physical offices are now looking at the possibility of having virtual offices. We had dismissed working remotely from home but have begun to accept that it might be a productive approach to sustain businesses.

What we are experiencing is our immune system strengthening its survival through material approach. COVID-19 has transformed how we operate economically. There is no way for us to turn back to our ‘normal’ life as we knew it. Our immune intelligence will continuously be surviving forward by learning from the past. As we are moving forward, our economy playground will be different. Ideally, it would be wise to stop developing shopping malls and commercial buildings. Instead, invest in a digital structure and human capital that covers all aspects of life from education, medical support, retail, and more.

The other transformation this pandemic brought us is changing how we bond socially. Before COVID-19, our primary focus is mostly on the material world. Although we have our physical freedom before COVID-19, we have not appreciated the bonding with others until the virus changed our lives.

Do you realise how much we value intimate bonding on the emotional and spiritual level with others these days? As we do so, our immune system is gathering information as a group and collectively. We cannot survive COVID-19 alone, but we can through humanity.

What drives us to survive as human species? The real intelligence behind our survival is the immune system. It protects us individually, tribally, and collectively. If you notice, COVID-19 has broken all aspects of our life, but here we are, moving through the threats and dangers intuitively. The question is how much we appreciate our immune system knowing our survival is not entirely intellectual, but body consciousness that rules through instinctive intelligence and intuition.

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