Hack Your Stress – Part 2


By Rose Osman

Whenever you have excessive stream of thoughts about your life, try listening to music or watch movies. Music can help to stimulate your brain to relax while letting the pressure to flow naturally. You can also channel the pressure into movements like writing, sketching or doodling.

Emotional Stress
Unlike mental stress, emotional stress is about dealing with unleashed desires, moodiness and pressure to connect with others. Often, emotional pressure leaves us in a state where we have no clarity about life. When these feelings don’t have an outlet to manifest its expression, we would feel stressed. Untreated emotional stress can turn one into anger, resentment, feeling disconnected and sad.

There are a few ways to channel emotional stress. Talk about your feelings with the right people who could help you translate the energy into communication. This way, not only you get to channel the energy into a different form but the feelings get recognised in a healthy way. The other way is through physical intimacy. A healthy sexual activity or a simple physical touch such as hugging and cuddling can serve as a bridge; so the stress can be released.

Physical Stress
Our body is built to deal with the pressure that we feel around us. Through this pressure, we have our inner energy to live in this life. Our body naturally knows how to channel the pressure. It normally happens through movement. Given our lifestyle today, physical movement are often taken for granted. When the physical stress builds up, the pressure may turn into body pain. Furthermore, with mental and emotional stress adding into the body; only physical movement can help us maintain the stress at a healthy state.

Routine exercises are the best stress reliever we have. It is also applicable to all forms of stress. Another stress reliever is Conscious Breathing and it is effective for mental stress. Try it out today!

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