Six Steps of Adaptation – Part 2


Have you found your balance and calmness in dealing with the changes and chaos around you? Since COVID-19 made its way into our world, we are constantly dealing with extreme changes in our lives and I’d like to discuss the remaining steps of adaptation.

Step three – Acceptance

This is a crucial step that gives us the strength to continue surviving in this world. If you’re struggling to adapt, try welcoming acceptance into your life. When you can accept changes, there are higher chances of you finding your ways to survive the changes.


Step four – Communication

Communication plays a vital role in keeping us sane. Firstly, is the communication within ourselves, as this is where we analyse our situation mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Secondly, we share our findings with others. Communication during social distancing helps us bond and keeps our social foundation strong and healthy.


Step five – Practical solutions

Try to see if you can find any silver lining in your situation. What can be improved on an individual and collective level? If you see any potential for growth and improvement, try to lay out practical approaches and solutions for it. We are doing it right now on a global level. It simply shows us that we are capable to act collectively and change the world.


Step six – Take the right action

Now that we have practical solutions in hand, it’s time to take the right action. Remember, life is about mutation where old form dissolves and new form emerges. We are discovering a new way of life in many ways. Can we implement the right action and change the way we do businesses and education? Even though e-commerce or online education may not sustain for the long run, it is going to grow within a decade or two. Think about what we can achieve if we do it differently?

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