Six Steps of Adaptation – Part 1


Nothing is permanent. Life changes. It always has. When changes appear drastically, it can pull us out of our comfort zones. This is where our mind steps in into a new territory. It can either gather information to move forward or it can go blank and not know what to do. Here, we may experience a certain degree of mental panic and this is what happened to most Malaysians during the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

When the government announced a Movement Control Order (MCO) on 18th March, most aspects of our social life had to undergo a drastic change. If we reflect on our social lives, it is commonly related to food, work, education and leisure. The first two are highly associated with our survival and that would explain the panic and chaos we experienced for the first few weeks of the MCO.

But, at this point, are you still trying to cope with the drastic changes happening in your life? If you experience difficulties to cope with the situation regardless of family, work, learning or business; you may want to try these six steps of adaptation. Being humans, we have an inner strength to adapt to extreme changes. You can follow these six steps or find one that suits you.

Step One – Stay Calm

It is not as easy as we say it. When drastic changes happen in our lives, it affects the foundation and security that we have. The first response we would get is fear. Even though fear has its purpose, staying calm gives us the strength to measure our situation from all angles. Taking this step gives our body protection from panic and exhaustion.

Step Two – Find Our Balance

We certainly could not help but feel emotional with the changes. The emotions can be manifested in the form of anger, nervousness or panic. Finding our balance simply means not wasting so much energy on feelings. Even though expressing feelings is good, but to be drained by it is unnecessary.

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