Is Your Mind a Servant or a Master? – Part 2


Everyone is capable to share inspiration, answers, and mental concepts with great opinions, insights and ideas with others. Every mind has the potential to be a wonderful servant and these are a few ways to make our mind an effective tool of inspiration for others:

Stop Using the Mind to Make Decisions for Ourselves

There are 7 ways to make decisions for ourselves without involving our mind. Each one of us has a unique innate intelligence within our body that could assist us in the decision-making process. That innate intelligence is Emotional Intelligence, Instinctive and Survival Intelligence, Gut Response, Wilful Determination, two forms of Sounding Board and reflection through a Lunar Cycle. These innate intelligence or we call Inner Authority has the power to make singular decision that is correct for us. You could explore your own Authority through a system called Human Design – a science of differentiation.

Use Mind as Education for Others

Human evolves through information and we share perspectives through communication and action so life could be better. As a matter of fact, that’s the only purpose of our mind; to educate others with inspiration and concepts. We can do that by sharing our experiences, logical thinking and mental awareness, and it can be done through formal or informal education. Try to share your inspiration when others seek your opinion, ideas or insight. Remember that our mind can expand through sharing and receiving knowledge. Anyone can inspire and share knowledge, especially when the timing is right.

Nurture the Brain

The mind doesn’t work without the brain. There is a relationship between the gut and the brain. A well-fed brain gives the mind an incredible thought process. Food like fish (oily fish such as sardines, salmons) and berries are good for the brain. You can explore your own unique diet with a professional nutritionist or through a healthy diet programme such as WildFit.

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