Is Your Mind a Servant or a Master? – Part 1


By Rose Osman

What do you use your mind for? Take a piece of paper and list all the things that you use your mind for. You will find that the mind is commonly used for thinking about the future, reflecting the past, trying to answer tons of questions, is involved in the decision-making process, seeking ideas and many more. With the list you have, which form of thinking you use on yourself and which are for others? For example; choosing what to wear is categorised as ‘thinking for myself’, whereas sharing your thoughts is categorised as ‘thinking for others’.

If you score more on thinking about yourself, then you are not using your mind effectively!

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The Purpose of the Mind

Do you believe that our mind exists as a source of perspective for others? We share perspectives in the form of inspiration and concepts. Robin Sharma once said; “The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master”. Think about this; servant serves. We can only serve others more than we serve ourselves.

Ineffective Mind Begins with Mental Decision for Ourselves

Our mental evolution has placed us in deep conditioning to use our mind to make decision for ourselves. But, have you realised that our mind is getting less capable to make any decisions for ourselves these days? Often, we just gamble our way when making decisions and this tire the brain. Whenever we force our mind to make a decision for ourselves, we are turning the mind into a terrible master. The reason is simple. The mind is designed to see duality. In every positivity, the mind seeks negativity. It then delivers the perspectives to us. Whenever we are using our mind to make a decision for ourselves, we must deal with both polarities. And yet, the mind is incapable to choose. It is never designed to decide any choices. The mind simply analyses perspectives.

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