Are You Addicted to Your Mobile Phone? – Part 2


In an era where telecommunication industry and technology are racing to create the latest advancement in screen technology, our bonding within the inner circle is breaking down. To some, relationship with others who are outside the virtual world seems to be less interesting. The addiction arises out of the need to feel stimulated by entertainment, social media and games. Many of us spend more time in front of the screen than sitting and communicating with each other. Let’s reflect on how screen addiction affects our relationship and communication.

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Unwanted silence

Many relationships and marriages are destroyed because couples are unable to establish communication that could stimulate their emotional wellbeing towards each other. Couples who can’t express themselves with each other will find others to communicate. The easiest way to communicate is through mobile phones and social media. How many couples live in the same house but spend more time communicating virtually with others?

Does this tell us that our dependency on virtual communication is greater than non-virtual communication? If yes, this may lead our relationship to experience unwanted silence.

This scenario unfortunately happens to almost everyone. The quality of our communication with family members and loved ones are becoming poor. Our emotional, spiritual and mental need is not fully met through actual conversation. As the silence gets too deep between two people, we become distant from each other. The result can be damaging as we constantly look for something that can stimulate our needs and the addiction to virtual communication and entertainment seems to fulfil that illusion.

Limit screen time

No one talks about screen addiction and how to detach from it. Perhaps this is the time to acknowledge that we are exposing ourselves and our children to be addicted to mobile phones, tablets, games and virtual entertainment. If your relationship begins to feel dull and ‘quiet’, it’s time to wake up and limit screen time for good.

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