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Singapore POP sensation MICappella has released their latest EP titled “LOVE, MICappella”, a heartfelt individually personalised rendition on various aspects of LOVE in six parts. The band held two exclusive listening parties for both media and fans at Unplugged where the audience heard the band perform their latest original songs live. The hour-long listening party also treated audiences to a preview of their latest single, behind-the-scenes footages and got to know the band members better through a lively interview segment.

The other theme that runs simultaneously intertwined with love is one of nostalgia where band members sampled and referenced classics, breathing new life to each, by pairing the Shanghai jazz classic with a modern EDM twist for ‘I Want Your Love’ or sampling ‘You Are My Sunshine’ in《Through Your Eyes》and ‘Auld Lang Syne’ in ‘Friends Forever’《友谊万岁》.

Amongst one of the most respected Singapore homegrown musical sensations, MICappella has been galvanising feverish devotion amongst fans in the region across Taiwan, China and Hong Kong lately.

After releasing 2 albums and picking up over 7 Million views on Youtube, MICappella is on the cusp of cementing their status as icons as the vocals only pop sensations who have grown into darlings of newfound fans as they carried their ebullient vocals showcase of over 50 shows as far away as Japan, Russia and USA in the past 2 years.

It has been an exciting time so far as the band reflected on 2019 where MICappella has performed at close to 50 international and local stages representing Singapore, as well as sharing their love and the craft of A Cappella to more than 20 schools. Their latest and one of the most exciting achievements was to represent Singapore at the Singapore Grand Prix Flag off ceremony where the band performed their very own rendition of the Singapore National Anthem.

Apart from just performing at live events, the band also released 4 original singles, culminating in the release of their EP titled, “LOVE, MICAPPELLA”.

LOVE, MICappella

A sharp contrast from their previous two releases, this EP is the first of a 2-part EP released in 2019 and 2020. Love, MICappella, as the name suggests, has an overarching theme of LOVE that explores each of the band member’s personal experiences with love.

“As a band and as singer/songwriters, we each have our stories to tell. Each individual member gets at least a turn as project manager to oversee or get directly involved in various aspects of a song such as songwriting, lyrics, arrangement and studio production. Through this, we hope that each member’s individual personalities will shine through even more and audiences will not just get to know the band but also the band members on a more personal level as well. Regardless of what the story and style of music is, what encapsulates and gels this EP together will always be their voices and the wall of sound the band creates that is signature to MICappella,” says band leader and vocal percussionist, Peter Huang.

Keeping in line with the album’s theme of LOVE, the band will be holding an exclusive listening party to a small group of fans. This will be the first time this line-up will be performing in such a cosy setting.

“Our listeners have always supported us from afar when they come for our shows and concerts. It’s time we really get to know them in an up-close and personal setting, share our experiences and perhaps even hear from them. We dedicate this labour of Love to our fans!” love, MICappella.

Listen to ‘LOVE, MICappella’ EP HERE

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