Release and Align for Mental Wellbeing – Part 2


By Rose Osman

Healing begins in every individual. Aside from treating mental illnesses clinically, we can explore the dormant traumas that we keep in our body and psyche. It is essential to release the trauma, guilt, shame and fear before it manifests into mental and physical illnesses. There are many ways to alternative healing. I’ve tried two methods for many years but please take note that this alternative approach is not a sole recovery for mental illness. Please seek professional help and only use these resources as enhancement in your healing process.

Releasing Method

Releasing commonly involves muscle testing or pendulum and affirmation in releasing past traumas. Even though the method of releasing seems simple, the presence of a healer is necessary. The healer’s job is not just to assist the releasing process but to be the observer that holds the higher ground for the person to heal. A releasing healer knows the correct statement of words for the individual to affirm. You can check out the power of releasing or transcendental dowsing for more information.

Frequency Alignment through Human Design System

If you are looking to realign your body’s frequency, you can give Human Design a try. The main approach in self-healing is Decision-Making Strategy. Each time we make a decision, it can affect our energy and auric frequency. When one changes his auric frequency, one changes the collective frequency. Human Design also provides understanding for depression, fear, stress, anxiety and emotional nervousness. You can explore your design through the ‘Nine-Centres’ energy framework.  Although this is not a quick fix for trauma and mental-physical illnesses, frequency alignment is worth it for long term wellbeing and for the collective. As a Human Design professional, I’ve seen how it changed my life and others in many ways. You can visit the Human Design Malaysia Facebook page or my website for more information.

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