B.A.M Burgers: So good that will make you feel “too young to diet”!


The rise of unsocial work hours and an accelerating pace of life have led the consumption of fast food to soar, but lucky for Johorians, a “Slow Food” movement has risen to counteract fast food and fast life, by encouraging us to revalue the time we spend on preparing, sharing and consuming food. Perhaps most importantly, it supports the growth of farmers’ markets and promotes the use of local produce with a reduction in food miles and a celebration of regional cuisines and local food traditions.

Adopting the “Slow Food” philosophy and drawing inspiration from its predecessor Sprout to encourage us to take the time to enjoy one of life’s daily pleasures, B.A.M adopts a fuss-free dining concept where the setting is mostly very homely and laid back. The playful nature is apparent not only through the “B.A.M” alphabet-shaped neon light box and on funky posters, but through the cheeriness of the serving waiters and chef-owner Joseph and his partner Jared.

The 30-seat burger joint boasts a dedicated menu serving only FOUR burgers, side dished and classic beverages. Of course, we couldn’t let ourselves leave without trying their signature BAM burger (beef), as well as sandwiched between homemade 70g potato bun made exclusively by vburg. B.A.M also offer a meatless option like the Mushroom burger that’s made with three different types of mushroom nicely blended into a refreshingly juicy patty, but still with the chewiness of meat!

All burgers are stuffed with juicy patties made from scratch, melted cheese, tomato, lettuce and BAM’s specialty sauce such as Garlic Mayo (BAM Burger), Spicy Mayo(Spicy Chicken), BBQ (Pork Burger) and Mustard Mayo (Mushroom Burger) and are available in both Single(satisfying) and Double (overwhelming) patty portions. Complete your meal by topping up just RM 10 for some homemade chunky potato wedges with fully loaded skins and a refreshing cold beverage of your choice!

Groovy music, homemade burgers and smiley people, B.A.M is definitely worth a visit, for those who value the quality of their burgers and see the beauty in original burgers – albeit with a touch and twist of Sprout!


For full review, visit: https://magistrate.my/bam_burgerjoint

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